I am Pune based Photographer and Designer. Graduated in Applied Arts from renowned Art-school in Pune.

I have been a passionate wanderer since long. Green hilltops, clear blue sky and simple village folk who dwell there keeps on fascinating me.

Camera is a tool which captures the image what your mind’s eye perceive.

I used to be in front of the camera initially and loved myself being photographed with a perfect backdrop and a good composition. And when the man behind the camera would fail to do that, I would then shift my role as a photographer to get it done how I wanted ;) It all started in this fashion.

Although I started with travel photography, I also do commercial photography assignments like Food, Product, Kids, weddings, pre-weddings and portfolios.

Being in the field art education,(or being an artist) travelling to places and dealing with all sorts of people have taught me how to observe things, get a feel of them and capture their spirit.

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